Proflax Keep Off Me 100ml


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Complimentary supplement for natural flea & tick repellant.

100ml bottle.

Neem - Keeps bacteria, viruses and parasites away. Aids digestion. A fantastic blood detoxifier.
Fenugreek - Supports intestinal hygiene and effectively repels parasites. Has antibiotic, antiseptic and anti-viral properties.
Garlic - aids digestion & intestinal hygiene, repels external parasites, supports a healthy immune & cardiovascular system.
Ginger - Aids digestion and packed with vitamins B5 & B6, potassium and manganese.
Lemon Balm - powerful citrus herb that repels parasites. Calming. Aids digestion.
Peppermint - Repels external and internal parasites. Supports healthy skin & circulation.
Seaweed (Fucus Ves) -  Provides nutritional support - packed with trace minerals. Helps to maintain clear, healthy skin.