Kiezebrink Hare Mix 1kg


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1kg tube. 

This KB Mix exclusively contains hare as a protein source, and can therefore be a suitable part of an elimination diet. This mix consists of minced hare breast with organ meat in natural proportions. The mix only contains natural ingredients without artificial additives. This mix alone is not complete; variation is necessary for a balanced diet. (may contain shot).

100% Hare; Body, heart, lung and liver.

Meat 50%, Bone 35%, Organ 15%

*Please note soft bone contains less calcium than hard bone and therefore more is required to achieve the correct calcium level in a raw diet.*

68% moisture
20% protein
6% fats
0% fiber
1.4% ash
1,27% calcium
0,75% phosphorus
Ca:P: 1,69
Energy: 139 kcal/100 gr.