Betsy's Tasty Chicken & Tripe 1kg


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Complete 80/10/10.
1kg fully compostable box.
Our Chicken is UK, Human Grade and Red Tractor Approved. It's tasty, it's meaty, and it's from our regular source meaning we do not swap and change our product to keep it consistent for you and your dog.
Our Beef Tripe is super-stinky and just how we like it. We collect this ourselves from a top quality UK site, fresh, and on the day of slaughter, meaning the quality is like no other. 
What else is in this tub of goodness? We've also got UK Ox Heart, UK Pig Liver and UK Ox Kidney. Why do we add Ox Heart to our flavours? Because it's an organ meat that is so nutrient-rich it would be silly not to! Jam packed full of Vitamins, Omegas, and more, Ox Heart is great for a healthy heart, healthy eyes, and an even healthier immune system.
British Chicken (40%, of which 10% bone)*, Grass Fed Beef Green Tripe (40%), British Ox Heart (10%), free range Pig Liver (5%), British Ox Kidney (5%). No additives.
17.7% Protein
0.3% Fibre
68.7% Moisture
1.6% Ash
12.29% Fat