Kiezebrink Rabbit Mix 1kg


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1kg tube. 
This KB Mix exclusively contains rabbit as a protein source, and can therefore be a suitable part of an elimination diet. The mix only contains natural ingredients without artificial additives. This mix alone is not complete; variation is necessary for a balanced diet.
100% Rabbit: 60% back, 10% heart, 7% lung, 5% liver, 10% ear, 4% kidney, 4% fat.
Meat 38%, Bone 24%, Organ 28%
*Please note soft bone contains less calcium than hard bone and therefore more is required to achieve the correct calcium level in a raw diet.*
62% moisture
18% protein
15% fats
0,2% fiber
2,3% ash
0,85% calcium
0,46% phosphorus
Ca:P: 1,85
Energy: 202 kcal/100 gr.