Henley Raw Kefir Strawberry 250ml

Henley Raw

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Homemade strawberry kefir using organic cows milk and locally sourced strawberries.
Kefir is a natural.
Henley Raw kefir contains 85% organic cows milk kefir and 15% organic, locally sourced strawberries.
Our strawberry kefir for dogs is a lovely creamy texture and makes for a nice addition to your dogs meal.
Defrost in the fridge.
Simply add 2-3tbsp of kefir to your dogs dinner each day. Can be fed cool or frozen in ice cubes, depending on your dogs preference. Once defrosted, store in the fridge for up to 10 days.
Comes in 250g pouches. Approximately 7 days supply.
85% cows milk kefir, 15% strawberries.
Fat 2.5%, Moisture 89.5%, Ash 0.6%, Fibre <0.5%, Protein 2.47%