Fish 4 Dogs Redfish, Lavender & Chamomile Crunchers 75g

Fish 4 Dogs

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Our Redfish, Lavender & Chamomile Crunchers are part of our 'Love' treats range. The ‘Love’ category contains a range of deliciously different treats, that are great for owners who just want to show their dogs they are loved. Interesting, intriguing, different and delicious.
These tasty crunchers are made from responsibly sourced, delicious redfish which is high in Omega 3. 
They are grain free, contain no artificial preservations or colourings, are light and easy to bite and the lavender and chamomile additions make them a lovely comforting treat, perfect for tea time and evenings. 
Redfish (96%), Lavender (2%), Chamomile (1%).
Protein 68%
Fibre 1%
Fat 7%
Ash 17.5%
Fats 1.4%