Fish 4 Dogs Banana Wraps 100g

Fish 4 Dogs

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Fish4Dogs Banana Wraps are delicious treats made from dry banana slices wrapped in fish skins.
Our Banana Wrap Treats, made with tasty banana wrapped in fish skins, are the perfect guilt-free treat. Satisfy your dog’s taste buds without the nasties.
Our Banana Fish Wraps are part of our 'Love' treats range. The ‘Love’ category contains a range of deliciously different treats, that are great for owners who just want to show their dogs they are loved. Interesting, intriguing, different and delicious.
A healthy, crunchy and delicious guilt free treat that is also great for cleaning teeth.
Banana 62%, White Fish Skin 38%
Protein 25%
Fibre 0.5%
Fat 16%
Ash 3.2%
Moisture 15%