Betsy's Mixed Up Chicken & Salmon 1kg


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Complete 80/10/10.

1kg fully compostable box.

Our mixed up Chicken and Salmon is definitely one to try, especially as it's so important to offer a fish protein where possible for it's a high quality, easily digestible, protein rich in Omega 3.

Our Chicken is UK, Human Grade and Red Tractor Approved and our Salmon is fresh Atlantic trim which smells incredible and will get those tails wagging! 

We wanted this tub to follow our 80:10:10 format, so our bone content (10%) is made up from the Chicken. We've added Ox Heart thanks to it’s important vitamins and nutrients (and the fact that it’s a bit of a super food!) And a duo of offals for maximum benefit (UK Pig Liver and UK Ox Kidney).

We never compromise on quality and use the same cuts and trims, from the same supplier every time, meaning you have a consistent product you know you can trust!

British chicken (40%, of which 10% bone)*, salmon (40%), British ox heart (10%), British free range pig liver (5%), British ox kidney (5%).

15.6% Protein
<0.1% Fibre
65.1% Moisture
1.4% Ash
 16.6% Fat