Betsy's Meaty Lamb 1kg


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Complete 80/10/10.
1kg fully compostable box.

Betsy's Meaty Lamb is just that. Nice chunks of UK Grass-Fed Lamb from a farm that is award-winning. It's Human Grade and we only use high quality cuts of trim (which is a tasty muscle meat).
Naturally high in fat, this flavour is a great source of protein which will help build and maintain body tissue. It's full of vitamin B12, niacin, essential amino acids, and dietary fats that are important to sustain your dogs' energy. Plus, they'll want to appear in a beauty advert, for it'll keep their coat and skin looking it's absolute best.
What else have we got in this hand-prepared tub? 10% of Ox Heart which is a super-organ full of nutrients and vitamins. 10% of UK Chicken Carcass (red tractor approved), plus 5% of UK Pig Liver and 5% Ox Kidney.
British lamb (70%), British chicken Carcass (10%*), British ox heart (10%), British free range pig liver (5%), British ox kidney (5%).
17.5% Protein
<0.1% Fibre
57.7% Moisture
1.2% Ash
 25.24% Fat