Betsy's Enriching Game Mix 1kg


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Complete 80/10/10.

1kg fully compostable box.

What's so enriching about our Game Mix?
Well, this one is jam-packed full of flavour thanks to the variety of meats we have selected. Rabbit? Tick. Pheasant? Definitely. Pigeon? Oh yes. And Venison? Absolutely! Where else can you find such a wide spectrum of meats all in one place? 
Another local supplier for us, which makes us happy (shop local!) and the meat used is all UK and of course Human Grade. 
For now, we've got this one mixed in with some UK Chicken Carcass for our bone content. And we've opted for some nutritious organ meat, which is why you'll find 10% of Ox Heart in there. And not forgetting our UK Pig Liver and UK Ox Kidney..

Game Mix (rabbit, pheasant, pigeon and venison) (70%), Chicken Bone (10%), Ox Heart (10%), Pig Liver (5%), Ox Kidney (5%).

21.5% Protein
0.1% Fibre
70.9% Moisture
1.6% Ash
 6.39% Fat